Using the power of GPUs to answer complex queries against billion-row datasets in milliseconds, BrytlytDB accelerates TIBCO Spotfire® data exploration. It provides a seamless user experience for exploring what is in a dataset and the characteristics of enormous amounts of transactional and location data, then hands the data back to the Spotfire in-memory engine for further automated or human analyses.

As a GPU-accelerated PostgreSQL database, BrytlytDB connects with Spotfire® analytics through its standard PostgreSQL connector and integrates easily into existing enterprise infrastructure.


Organizations are still using database technologies that were invented years ago, but the world of data is evolving. Data is more dynamic, database sizes are growing, the number of analyst users is increasing, and the value of business intelligence is rising. The functional demand for technology today has surpassed what existing systems were built to support.

If a back-end database does not have the data processing speeds required to query against a very large dataset, users will experience significant limitations in performing functions for geospatial mapping, visualizing, and efficiently changing initial queries. Users can limit the dataset volume, but this reduces query flexibility and the detail of insights.

As more data becomes available, analysts are discovering more advanced possibilities for analytics processing. Large workloads can be compute intensive and can place extensive pressure on analytics infrastructures. There is a need for innovation to drive the evolution of analytics techniques.

Partner Solution

Organizations want to be able to harness the full capabilities of their solutions, exploit fresh data collected across dynamic markets, and empower analytics teams to explore advanced techniques. BrytlytDB is an out-of-the-box solution that brings Spotfire speed-of-thought analytics to very large datasets. A GPU-powered back-end database, BrytlytDB seamlessly integrates with Spotfire analytics to accelerate performance and capabilities for billion-row datasets.

Built on PostgreSQL, BrytlytDB acts as an external data source and processor, integrating with existing PostgreSQL solutions using standard built-in connectors. The Spotfire solution can push compute-intensive queries to BrytlytDB for remote data processing of large workloads.

By querying directly through the BrytlytDB solution, there are no constraints of pre-calculated aggregations draining overall performance or compromising query response time. Brytlyt enables building on-the-fly subsets/aggregates for querying using Spotfire exploratory adhoc capabilities.

BrytlytDB and TIBCO Spotfire together enable users to perform sophisticated queries, calculations, and analytics. Spotfire queries are executed by BrylytDB and returned to Spotfire for visualization and analysis. Data teams can now exploit the full potential of Spotfire and unlock greater possibilities for visualizations.


BrytlytDB and TIBCO Spotfire together enable the extensive Spotfire community to:

  • Simplify analytics infrastructure for billion-row dataset use and reduce costs with a single platform to host accelerated BI and integrate AI, machine learning, and deep learning
  • Empower users to make informed business decisions faster by allowing intuitive exploration and analysis of raw data without any restrictive or time-consuming pre-aggregation processes, enabling creation of visualizations in real time
  • Extend analytic capabilities by leveraging embedded AI capabilities that allow users to conduct advanced calculations on existing and new datasets

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