Behaim IT Solutions partners with clients to help them overcome their 21st century IT challenges: Leveraging the Cloud and shared services; Gaining insight quickly in a world of Big Data; and taking Real-time action on data for competitive advantage, new opportunities, and risk mitigation. The company is a TIBCO partner that specializes in the Connect line of products and solutions.


For utilities and municipal customers, standard geospatial and asset management systems need to be coordinated to correctly locate underground pipes, wiring, and other infrastructure to ensure efficiency and adaptability. Here are some potential scenarios where this applies:

  • Existing pipeline maintenance and upgrades - If you don't have proper integration between the asset management system and the geospatial information system, pipelines that are meant to be upgraded and worked on, sometimes are not where maintenance crews think they are going to be which makes things very costly for the Utility trying to service them.
  • Laying of new pipes for Water, Gas, or other underground wires - If you don't have proper integration, new designs aren't quickly uploaded in the asset management system and new assets aren't reflected in the right maps for crews to review. This makes the collaboration between Engineers and the other teams very cumbersome and expensive delays in construction projects ensue.
  • 411 or 811 Locates: Customers call the utility to want to work in their yard or dig something up, without accurate and fast geospatial information, the Utility might allow a customer to dig somewhere and they could hit a pipe which could be very dangerous.

Partner Solution

Taking advantage of leading ESRI geospatial data and its ArcGIS mapping and analytics software, the Behaim-built ESRI ArcGIS adapter creates a connection between geospatial information from ESRI and TIBCO® Messaging solutions. The connection speeds synchronization of geospatial information and asset management systems such as IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Oracle EAM, SAP EAM, and others.

Behaim's adapter for ESRI ArcGIS and ArcFM includes these services:

  • ArcGIS
    • updateObjects: a request-response service to insert/update/delete objects in the geodatabase
    • getCoordinates: a request-response service for retrieving coordinates
    • objectsUpdated: a publication service that notifies the client when an object is changed in a geodatabase
  • ArcFM
    • createDesign: a request-response service for creating a new work request with associated design
    • updateDesignStatus: a request-response service for updating design status
    • designStatusChanged: a publication service that notifies the client when design changes status


By speeding synchronization, Behaim’s TIBCO ESRI Adapter allows engineers to review asset placement in real-time to address maintenance needs, upgrades, and new builds in less time.

For one utility customer the Behaim TIBCO ESRI adapter:

  • Accelerated synchronization between ESRI and IBM Maximo by 400%
  • Saved several $100,000 compared to a similar competitive solution

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