Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company, has end-to-end integration and analytics service offerings built on TIBCO products. These include IT modernization, digitalization of middleware platforms and business processes, event processing and analytics, API and cloud integrations, and managed services, all designed to meet the needs of today's enterprise.


In the food retail industry, keeping shelves stocked with the right items on the right shelf is an ongoing challenge. Companies are increasingly looking to automation and AI to help them better address:

  • Out-of-stock scenarios
  • Increased instances of misplaced items
  • Planogram non-compliance
  • Manual in-store audits and order taking

Partner Solution

Wipro's Automated Shelf Replenishment solution has a computer vision module, built on TIBCO LABS Project Air, that will digitally analyze still images and video feeds and identify empty and misplaced items. The solution can compare shelf content and item placement against planogram data and trigger alerts for immediate action.

The solution can also be enhanced with TIBCO capabilities such as responsive application mesh, data fabric, and hyper-converged analytics to build highly flexible, cloud-based digital platforms that adapt quickly to rapidly changing needs.


Direct-to-shelf replenishment to ensure that staff can fit merchandise on the shelf, minimizing handling costs and the need for backroom storage

Improved shelving efficiency and balanced workloads while maintaining availability through AI-driven, optimized replenishment schedules

Solution extensibility with ML-based forecasts, fresh order optimization, and automatic shelf life monitoring to dramatically reduce spoilage while improving availability

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