Access AI-driven, Real-time Insights in TIBCO Spotfire Dashboards

ARRIA NLG Augmented Intelligence works with the TIBCO Spotfire® platform to instantly convert multiple data streams into visuals and expertly written narrative analysis. The service provides instant narrative solutions that offer no-code, out-of-the-box natural language generation.

Customer Challenge

Business users who make critical decisions often rely on data analytics to provide insights. However, not all business users have the analytical skills to interpret key insights within visualizations. Therefore, analysts need to "translate" dashboards—such as those created with TIBCO Spotfire software—and write reports for business users. These extra reporting steps reduce analyst productivity and delay business users' time to insight, which can negatively impact your organization's ability to make accurate, timely business decisions.

Partner Solution

ARRIA NLG Augmented Intelligence analytics automatically generates intelligent narratives instantly within TIBCO Spotfire dashboards, enhancing the value of Spotfire software and democratizing data across your organization. The solution instantly converts multiple data streams into visuals and intelligently written narrative analysis for short-form summaries or long-form reports.


By surfacing insights through language, analysts can increase productivity and reduce business users’ time to insight, which results in:

  • Accelerated critical decision making capabilities
  • Trusted data interpretation
  • Increased speed and efficiency of report writing

The ARRIA NLG Augmented Intelligence solution also provides the scalability and flexibility to address your organization's evolving needs. Should your needs exceed the solution's out-of-the-box capabilities, you can build your own custom narratives with the help of this natural language platform.

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