Accelerate Financial Master Data Management

Apgar Consulting works with TIBCO Unify solutions to accelerate data management strategies and provide governance of reference data, master data, and metadata for financial institutions. The Apgar MDM Finance platform enables financial services to govern, validate, and map between various data sources such as ERP and consolidation systems.

Customer Challenge

Financial services need to manage disparate systems across multiple business lines—accounting, treasury, consolidation, reporting—but lack a single, comprehensive "master" view of data assets. This leads to inefficiency, inconsistencies, and the risk of regulatory non-compliance. As organizations extend into new markets, their finance master data must accommodate additional legal and reporting demands to manage assets and meet new regulatory requirements.

Partner Solution

Apgar's MDM Finance platform, built on TIBCO EBX® software, is a turnkey, flexible solution that uses a set of built-in financial workflows to perform data stewardship over unique organizational processes and systems. The MDM Finance solution enables customization and governance of master data objects and fuels critical business systems with harmonized, consistent, and trustworthy master data.

Finance departments can maintain data consistency and manage local, global, and corporate master data across systems, control data distribution, and govern from a single resource. The system builds trust and accuracy in data throughout the organization. Additionally, configurable workflows separate master data approval duties and provide a complete history of audit trails.


Apgar's MDM Finance platform offers customizable solutions for financial services to meet their most pressing data management and governance needs. With personalized data stewardship, financial services can better manage complex financial data with security and accuracy.

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