AN Info Systems is a Global Data Transformation Expert's consulting house specializing in the delivery of solutions & products in the area of Big Data, MDM, Data Quality, Risk Data Processing Platforms & Models, Change Management / Deployment Product, SAP Data Migration and SAP Real time Integration.


The EMDG Solution addresses the following challenges faced by organizations working with multiple data domains in the following areas:

  • Finance, Material, Business Partner, Vendor-Supplier, Customer Reference Data with complex Master Data Management needs
    • Design and build of a single data domain can take easily 5 to 8 months, even with the optimal amount of resources on board. Each domain stretches 50-100 entities/tables with over 4000 attributes
    • A single data domain can easily cost €1.5–3 million

AN Info's EMDG Solution powered by TIBCO EBX® software simplifies business data management needs for the standard data domains, while enabling businesses to:

  • Go live within months as opposed to a standard 2-3 year cycle
  • Going live quicker results in higher financial savings in terms of reduced data errors
  • Going live with a mature and scalable solution provides savings of rework costs and regression testing costs.

Partner Solution

Through EBX® software, the EMDG solution advances a business' maturity to enable 95 percent of any industry needs. The EMDG solution enables clients to use their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and activate an MDM solution on top of it.


EMDG provides one the most simple and easy to build workflows, directly inside the tool, even after the end-product goes live. This does not require technical resources in most cases. In addition to the simplicity of the solution, EMDG also offers the following:

  • UI screens can be arranged according to need of each user preference and allows different combinations of horizontal and vertical setup of data tabs, as per need of data viewing and data entry
  • Adding new attributes and see them on the screen in minutes
  • Supports Agile development approach to add new Data Domains
  • TIBCO EBX® offers product stability and product evolution aspects for long term business planning
  • Allows quick data domain modelling for various complex needs within any Industry

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