Our solution is the energy industry’s first, single-source no-cloud platform. Rivitt is hyper-focused on delivering a single, synchronized, contextualized data stream directly to any existing cloud or on-premise database restoring data control and security for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. A single edge device is deployed behind data acquisition systems supporting the ingestion of raw sensor data and eliminating the opportunity for human interference and error. The edge device captures raw data and extracts valuable contextual information about the service and operation via proprietary event detection and aggregation algorithms. Combining the events and aggregations automate the manual reporting workflow. Lastly, data health models monitor the size, quality, and frequency of the raw data enabling “bad” data to automatically be “quarantined” for subsequent investigation and corrective action before it gets to the destination. Our architecture enables us to push all data securely and directly to as many destinations as needed and enables future development of highly available (redundant), distributed computing, and storage as clients scale.

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