Magellan Consulting Group


Magellan Consulting Group is a boutique management consulting firm committed to delivering Excellence and Results. We help companies achieve their highest business performance.

Our mission is to deliver value to our clients in the form of sustainable operational and financial performance. We implement operational transformation along with measurable results with an annualized Return On Investment ranging from 300%-1000%.

With a holistic approach to performance management, we apply a customized methodology to understand your organization and culture to deliver tangible results fast. Our practical approach and hands-on partnership with your company allows you to enhance and develop your internal capabilities, thus ensuring sustainability.

Additionally, our business model bridges traditional operations consulting methodology and techniques with Digital Transformation. From Advanced Data Analytics to Industry 4.0, we integrate digitalization to achieve the highest business performance for our clients.

Latin America & Caribbean
Transportation & Logistics


Magellan Consulting Group

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