Keller Schroeder


Keller Schroeder is a premier technology company in the performance improvement business. Our mission is to leverage technology tools and services to help our clients in Evansville, Nashville, and the surrounding areas more successfully achieve their objectives. Whether you need assistance in technical design, support, or purchasing for your hardware or software needs, would like help with your application development endeavors, want to find qualified IT professionals, or want to implement a data strategy with Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, we can help! While we understand the value of technology as a competitive tool, we have a healthy irreverence for any solution as the answer to every business problem. Rather than trying to find issues for new technology solutions to solve, we prefer to seek to understand the business needs of our clients. We value our ability to ask questions, listen, learn, and focus on a client's best interests. From that position, our significant experience allows us to create positive impacts as we assess, plan, build, implement, or support situations where technology can be applied to improve efficiency.