Indocyber Global Technology


PT. Indocyber Global Teknologi is a digital transformation solutions and IT services company. Dedicated to providing highly effective solutions in the field of Information Systems. Our core business focuses on Information Technology Services, Digital Marketing, and IT Infrastructure. We are supported by more than 800 consultants and developers.

Building a service-oriented culture committed to customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We provide a full spectrum of resources to assist the customers' needs with complete networking solutions and consultations.

Starting in 2001, PT. Indocyber Global Teknologi started as an IT company that is engaged in retail and multi-finance. Implemented mostly on top 10 Multi Finance companies and big retail companies in Indonesia. Currently, we are working with several reliable software partners who play leading roles in their fields (Banking, Leasing & Finance, Plantation, Automated Machine Learning, iCR, OCR, Collection, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Customer Engagement, etc.). With experience in development, implementation, and custom services, we learn new values together with our partners.

Asia/Pacific Rim