Idiro Analytics


Idiro Analytics is Ireland's pioneering data analytics consultancy firm. We specialize in designing and delivering bespoke solutions using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence to solve complex business problems.

Our inherent expertise lies in setting up the infrastructure and processes needed to help organizations understand and predict their customer behavior. We empower organizations with the capability to harness the power of data for effective decision-making in order to improve overall commercial and operational KPIs. We do this by increasing the effectiveness of customer analytics and operational efficiency and productivity.

We partner with the best in the data analytics ecosystem and Idiro is proud to partner with Tibco.

Through our work with some of the world's most major telecoms, we have analyzed the data of more than 15% of the world’s population. The combination of extensive industry knowledge and our ability to develop creative, flexible, and innovative solutions using the latest technology is the reason why we have built successful long-lasting relationships with our clients over the last 15 years. Our work has earned us a reputation as the trusted advisors in the sphere of data analytics.

Product Expertise