Hanselmann & Compagnie GmbH


As a mid-sized, owner-run management consultancy, we focus on business functions and specific industries. In these functions, we have high methodological competence and we’re positioned very close to the industry thanks to our experience, the projects we’ve implemented and the mandates we’ve undertaken. Our consequent, interdisciplinary project approach enables us to map out the analysis of the as is situation and to define clear focus areas in an exceptionally differentiated way and by looking at it from a range of different perspectives. We act entrepreneurially and are focused on enhancing value when designing the concept and finding the right solution. We assume responsibility for the result and aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. With an optimal mix of competitive concepts, strong implementation competence and our down-to-earth attitude, we contribute to the success of our clients. To some extent, we definitely act unconventionally or unexpectedly, but we’re always customer-oriented, performance-and achievement-focused and straightforward. All in all, we’re fully committed to customer success, and we do not look for the obvious solution, but instead always for the best one. We identify ourselves with our clients and their corporate culture.