Engineers by training, Eric Solal and Arnaud Geoffroy make their first steps as Developer and Project Manager and thus access to missions combining consulting and management.

Their careers continued in parallel in Business Engineering, then they each took over the management of entities in different NSEs and consulting companies.

With their respective experiences, Eric Solal and Arnaud Geoffroy decided to join forces in April 2017. Together, they envision a company with technology at its heart, with consulting on one side and software engineering on the other. engIT was born, a mirror of their passions, driven by the needs of customers looking for performance.

engIT is first and foremost a team of passionate IT innovators, creating value for companies. We are a close-knit team that fosters a team spirit that fosters the inventiveness of each member.

Organized in a participative mode, engIT encourages initiatives and allows each team member to fully develop. Passionate about IT innovation, discover our engIT'lab.

Because working in innovation requires cutting-edge expertise, our developers, integrators, and consultants all benefit from continuous training, which ensures that knowledge is constantly and optimally updated.