Global Strategic

Capgemini is part of the TIBCO Partner Program (TPM) and a Global Consulting Partner with a strong worldwide TIBCO consulting practice since 1999 Capgemini introduced their TIBCO competency center in 2003 As part of TIBCO partnership programs, Capgemini can and has access to the following TPN Program Capgemini can use TIBCO's field-based professionals through preferred sub-contracting rates Technical Support: Capgemini has direct access into TIBCO's Technical Support center. TIBCommunity: Capgemini’s consultants can query the data mines of TIBCO customer, partner and resident experts' collective experience on Partner Central to help clients solve problems Partner Education: Capgemini’s consultants have access to “cheap seats” at TIBCO's hands-on training program, tailored to deepen the knowledge of TIBCO products and Solutions