Beijing GeoSapience Energy Sciences Limited (GSP) is an energy technology company engaged in the research and development, sales and project consulting services of software in petroleum industry. Company offers from data acquisition, processing, to integrated interpretation evaluation of the integration of technical advisory services and related products and services, designed to apply the most advanced technologies, provide optimal oil and gas service, help the user to improve the level of acquisition, processing technology, improve the quality of the data, to improve the reservoir prediction accuracy, shorten the exploration of oil and gas development cycle, reduce the risk of exploration and development, saving the cost of exploration and development.

GeoSapience Energy Sciences Limited (GSP) is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for oil and gas field full cycle interpretation, reservoir prediction, oil and gas detection, development and production, data management and information, while cooperating with internationally renowned oil service companies, providing consulting and services for domestic oil companies and research institutes, and contributing to China's oil industry.