Asturias Conseil


Asturias Conseil is an independent consulting firm specialized in strategic and financial management. Founded in 2015, Asturias Conseil offers to key accounts a transversal approach in order to address the fields contributing to the enterprise performance: economic, operational and human.

The multidisciplinary nature of our consultants allows us to integrate all the dimensions that contribute to the performance and to define recommendations that are balanced and consistent with the context and the strategy of our clients.

Our services are based on a global and transversal approach:

  • Consulting & strategy in order to define the approach, the organization and processes that guarantee operational and financial performance.
  • Transformation projects which allow the successful implementation of customer strategic orientation taking advantage of technological innovations.
  • Operational assistance to provide customer support implementing a logic of continuous improvement.

Data intelligence is an essential asset to build a strategy, ensure effective transformation and guarantee sustainable performance thereafter.

Our ability to adapt to each client environment combined with the application of Agile methods allows us to create a relationship of trust that guarantees performance through value to the structures we support. This makes Asturias Conseil a key player in ensuring financial and operational performance.