Apply is a data science company, providing solutions, consulting, and training. We apply mathematics to turn data into business value and to create real and useful digital innovation. In our daily work we use TIBCO technology to fulfill our clients business needs, so working with us you will find a partner that has senior skills in data science, statistics, and AI and practical, advanced expertise using the technology itself. Our team is made up of data scientists, statisticians, scientists and data architects, all with relevant seniority. Our expertise is based on many successful use cases in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, finance, marketing, retail, energy, telco. This outstanding cross-field experience, collected on the field, makes us the ideal partner to facilitate and accelerate technology and solution transfer. Among the typical use cases, we are used to managing, we mention process and quality control and improvement, predictive maintenance, prescriptive analysis, customers and users profiling, recommendation systems, supply chain optimization, campaign optimization, risk analysis, churn prevention, retail analytics, geo-referenced market modeling.

Contact us for quotations, training, consulting, solution design, and whenever you want to become data driven and get revenues from data.

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