Aeroengy is an Engineering Company specializing in Competitive Intelligence and Advanced Technologies. Our main activities are Data Science, Optimization, Engineering, and IT. Our Mission is to offer our customers the ability to be more efficient, operational, and competitive through custom solutions we build to them. How to succeed in the digital age or the importance of making data-driven decisions?: One of the biggest challenges facing companies in the information age is generating value from data analysis. Many organizations invest millions in modernizing their businesses and fail by prioritizing technology investments without creating a data-driven culture to support them. Successful organizations make the right decisions at the right time. And the best decisions are those that are based on data and enabling artificial intelligence: To successfully complete the process of transforming data into decision making that brings value to your organization, you need deep insight and the right talent. At Aeroengy, we extract knowledge from the available data and, from it, we create solutions that will allow your company to achieve a tactical and strategic digital transformation based on mathematical analysis, to achieve specific improvement objectives.