Do You Have a Stubborn Mule?

As you wait to upgrade to Mulesoft Runtime 4, re-evaluate your integration strategy

Mulesoft customers are being asked to delay their upgrade to Mule Runtime 4, the engine of Mulesoft Anytime Platform, until Mulesoft makes an upgrade tool available.  However, Mulesoft has not provided an availability date for the same.1

Furthermore, Mulesoft Anypoint Platform may prevent you from fully realizing the benefits of the cloud because of its limited deployment flexibility. Here are several examples: 

  • Old Technology
    • Runs on an older VM cluster technology rather than using a highly elastic, modern cloud-native environment.2   
  • Limited Container Support
    • Documents support for Docker and Kubernetes only within the Anypoint Runtime Fabric.3
    • Does not document support for PaaS and Container Services such as AWS Elastic Container Service, Microsoft Azure Container Service, and Red Hat OpenShift.
  • No Serverless Support
    • Does not document native support for serverless environments such as AWS Lambda.
    • Does not document support for Serverless Container Services such as AWS Fargate, Azure Container Instances and Google Cloud Run
  • No Cloud-native Integration
    • Does not document out-of-the-box embedded integration with the cloud-native ecosystem, such as for metrics, distributed tracing, service discovery, and configuration management provided by, for example, Prometheus, OpenTracing, and Consul.
  • No PAYG Option
    • Does not advertise flexible pricing options: pay-as-you-go per hour or per second.

As you wait to upgrade to Mule Runtime 4, you might want to use the time to re-evaluate your integration strategy and ensure your integration solutions deliver maximum value to your business.   

TIBCO integration solutions are designed with cloud-native in mind, and address all your integration needs across hybrid environments. TIBCO’s open platform approach offers the flexibility to deploy to the environment of your choice/preference so you can leverage both today’s and tomorrow’s architectures.    

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