Master Data Management

Model, govern, and share all your master, reference and metadata

Master, reference, and metadata are at the center of every mission-critical activity. Operational systems need consistent information to function without error; Analytical systems require clean and accurate data to return actionable results; and Compliance efforts need trusted data for complete and timely reporting.

With TIBCO EBX® master data management (MDM) you have a single platform for managing all domains—customers, employees, suppliers, assets, locations, materials, products, legal entities, financial accounts, reference data, and more! Everyone works to ensure master and reference data is accurate and consistent. Because these assets are essential to you, TIBCO provides multiple ways to distribute and integrate them.

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MDM For all use cases
Master Data Management for Operations

Master Data Management for Operations

Ensure consistent information. MDM for operations helps your organization maintain and synchronize a single-source-of-truth through semantic reconciliation. You can also coordinate across the value chain with master, reference, and metadata; manage multiple domains; and ensure data stewardship and governance.

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Master Data Management for Analytics

Master Data Management for Analytics

Provide trusted, accurate, and consistent reporting. MDM for analytics helps you get your data in the form you need for accurate insights and KPIs to drive critical business decisions. Manage abstract complexity through conformed dimensions and simplify the data wrangling process with hierarchies.

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Master Data Management for Compliance

Master Data Management for Compliance

Maintain compliance (regulatory, legislative, and/or corporate). MDM for compliance allows you to create policies and controls and monitor their adherence and impact. You’re able to keep records for evidence and track ownership and responsibility.

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