Connecting Businesses … Any Way You Need To

Use TIBCO BusinessConnect™ to streamline your supply chain and increase productivity.

No company is an island. You need your partners to help you get things done and achieve your goals: provide supplies and finished goods or process transactions. TIBCO BusinessConnect™ helps companies connect and share data to make cross-company business processes run smoothly.

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Lower cost of business

No business wants to waste money, but that is what happens when processes are handled manually. When those processes involve your partners, errors can result in fines and penalties. How do you avoid this waste? TIBCO BusinessConnect™ fully automates your B2B transactions, end-to-end with seamless integration.

Less complexity, happier partners and customers

Less complexity, happier partners and customers

When you’re easy to work with, customers and partners want to work with you. TIBCO BusinessConnect makes it easy for you to accommodate the needs of your partners, giving them flexibility in how they enroll, how they configure their profile, what protocols they use (EDI, RosettaNet, HIPPA …), and how they transact business with you.

Visibility into the extended value chain

Visibility into the extended value chain

Not knowing what is happening leads to confusion, and the best way to fix that situation is to provide visibility. With connectors to TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO Foresight® Transaction Insight, and TIBCO Hawk®, you will always have visibility into that status of processes and transactions. And if something does go wrong, you have a full audit database for tracking down the issues.

Easy to use and secure

Protecting your customers’ and partners’ information is just as important as protecting your own. In B2B communication this means securing documents both in transit and in storage. TIBCO BusinessConnect ensures that data is fully always encrypted to eliminate security issues.

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