On Demand Webinar - Analytics in 2018: Are you ready?

Organizations large and small continue to struggle with making sense of all the data available to them. A few challenges facing companies today include a shortage of skilled analytic resources, the arrival of the IoT, and a proliferation of analytic technologies, tools, and coding languages.

As your organization embarks on its resolution to make more data-driven decisions in 2018, what questions should you be asking?  

Please join industry luminaries Howard Dresner, Shawn Rogers, and David Sweenor to review key insights from Dresner Advisory Services’ flagship research along with a forward-looking discussion on key trends in analytics for 2018.  

Topics include:

  • What are organizations investing in?  IoT, machine learning, text?
  • What roles do the chief data officer and chief analytics officer play?
  • How are organizations dealing with the analytics skill shortage?

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