Analytics prescribed to strengthen nurse training

"With Statistica’s clear graphical representations, accurate scaling and simple integration with familiar Microsoft Office tools, there is nothing to keep us from understanding the stories our data is telling"
- Director of Nursing at a top-ranking research institution in Europe

Having survived more than 600 years of wars, shifting boundaries and political upheavals, a top-ranking university hospital in Europe faced another challenge — how to unlock insight from its data.

Business need:

The Department of Nursing needed to analyze large volumes of survey and evaluation data to improve training programs, deliver a personalized curriculum, and ultimately improve patient care.


The training hospital now relies on Statistica to unlock hidden insight from data to build customized training courses for students — both in the classroom and at the bedside.


  • Better care for university hospital patients
  • Personalized student training
  • Easy-to-use interface, time savings
  • Teach students how to critically evaluate data

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Technical Case Study