FLIR Systems: Powerful Analytics Boosts High-Tech Threat Detection

"Statistica’s ability to help us improve the quality of our product by decreasing the variability of everything we produce has been huge."
- Corwin Maxson, manufacturing quality engineer at FLIR

FLIR Systems needed a way to analyze massive amounts of data within its Explosive Threat Detection business to improve product quality, reduce downtime and accelerate R&D.

With Statistica’s advanced analytics platform, FLIR has automated analysis and can now detect problems that were not previously seen, reducing downtime by 30 percent and cutting per-unit costs by 50 percent.


  • Increased productivity through task automation
  • Improved supply chain monitoring
  • Reduced per-unit costs by 50 percent
  • Saved approximately 30 percent in product revenue losses
  • Improved R&D process

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Technical Case Study