Ovum Compares Top Middleware-as-a-Service Suites — See the Results!

As each and every aspect of today's enterprise becomes increasingly digital, a robust middleware-as-a-service (MWaaS) solution provides the lifeblood an organization needs to survive.

Download the report, Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Middleware-as- a-Service Suite, compliments of TIBCO Software. This detailed guide can help you determine the ability of various MWaaS suites to meet your rapidly evolving integration needs. It covers:

  • Key findings about MWaaS suites, including requirements, benefits, adoption, and why leading companies are moving from on-premises to service-based integration offerings
  • MWaaS vendor selection criteria such as cloud integration; an API platform; and B2B, mobile, and IoT application integration
  • Why TIBCO was named a market leader in MWaaS and how the company is positioned to move even further up the competitive landscape

Download Analyst Report

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