TIBCO Innovation Series: Harnessing the Integration Spectrum

About this Webinar

- Data processing at the edge. 

- Making legacy systems look new. 

- Bringing together applications, processes, and data that reside within your firewall or in the cloud.

These are all new realities facing organizations as they implement architectures to ensure data is delivered to the right place at the right time. Join us for a brief 30-minute webinar presenting our upcoming TIBCO Innovation Series: Harnessing the Integration Spectrum. Nelson Petracek, CTO of TIBCO’s Strategic Solutions Group, will cover:

  • Locations, dates, and who should attend the TIBCO Innovation Series on Harnessing the Integration Spectrum
  • Topics to be reviewed including hybrid integration, IoT, mobile, cloud, and big data
  • Characteristics of successful pervasive integration solutions
  • How to put together an integration solution that meets the demands of today’s digital business

This is an interactive, live webinar, and we encourage you to have your questions ready. The session will be recorded, so please register to receive the replay if you are unable to attend.

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