AI 기반 데이터 시각화 인사이트를 통한 직원의 역량 강화

데이터를 보고 이해하고 조치를 취합니다.

인간은 데이터를 숫자보다 그래픽으로 제시할 때 훨씬 잘 이해하기 때문에 데이터 시각화는 분석을 이해하고 전달하는 첫 단계로 자주 활용됩니다. 데이터를 시각화하면 새로운 트렌드를 보다 손쉽게 파악할 수 있고, 이는 인사이트를 도출하는 가장 첫 단계입니다. 또한 빠른 직관은 손쉬운 협업과 빠른 혁신을 가능하게 해주므로 데이터 시각화는 분석한 결과를 전달하는 데도 강력한 수단이 됩니다. 넘쳐나는 데이터와 더불어 시각화 기술의 사용이 증가하면서 여러 분야에 걸쳐 확산되고 있습니다.

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보다 신속한 인사이트 도출

보다 신속한 인사이트 도출

Empower everyone to transform data into insights quickly and easily with the power of AI and machine learning. Use data visualizations to build an understanding of how the business is performing and what opportunities and risks are developing. Then, your organization can truly make fast, data-driven decisions.

보다 현명하고 신속한 의사결정

By comprehending information and collaborating with others to spark insights and spot patterns in data faster, the days of relying on gut instinct to make quick decisions are long gone.

Analyze data wherever it is

Analyze data wherever it is

Don’t compromise on analytics because of where the data is stored or the analytics performed. Hybrid cloud deployments are the new normal and require best-in-class analytics capabilities for data that’s on-premises or in public or private cloud sources

Give everyone advanced analytics

Now more of your organization can benefit from easy-to-use interactive dashboards with built-in geospatial, one-click predictive, and streaming analytics to develop deeper insights, discover hidden patterns, and act on high-value business opportunities.

Increase the value of your software

Increase the value of your software

Data holds an incredible amount of value, yet most users don't have the time or patience to learn a specialized business intelligence tool. Make analytics convenient and intuitive for them by embedding analytics in apps and business processes.

Spend less time on analytics requests

Save your technical teams from repetitive, time-intensive tasks, and writing custom code for every report or data visualization. Instead, allow them to focus on your core product or service by enabling end-users to visualize and get answers from data all on their own.

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