Streaming analytics for accelerating action

Quickly build applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data

Analyze and act on IoT and other streaming data with real-time systems deployed at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives.

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Put IoT data to work

Streaming analytics, analyzing data streams in real time, is how you leverage data from the Internet of Things. Our streaming analytics technology will let you accelerate detection of relevant and urgent business events, react in real-time to complex event streams, and adjust to the trends you identify and the changing needs of your business. You can harness the huge IoT potential coming at you.

Put IoT data to work

Build real-time applications affordably

Before StreamBase, analyzing real-time data feeds with high throughput was a difficult and expensive undertaking. Now, with shorter development cycles, dramatically lower programming costs, significantly easier maintenance, reduced hardware and operational expenses, and faster time-to- value, real-time digital business benefits are financially within reach.

Build real-time applications affordably

Own innovation

Today it’s FX pricing analytics and real-time profit and loss, fast signal processing, real-time supply chain, real-time customer engagement, smart houses, network monitoring, preventive maintenance, and cyber security detection. Tomorrow it’s smart cars, smart traffic lights, smart cement, smart life support, and whatever else you envision and decide to build. You can be the first and the best.

Put business users in charge

The first analytic datamart of its kind, TIBCO ® Live Datamart, uses the StreamBase platform to add business focused operational intelligence with visualizations and alerts driven by user queries that automatically update with new results. It allows business stakeholders responsible for configuring and managing automated decisions to see and respond to real- time events.

Put business users in charge

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