Massimizza il tuo investimento in AWS con TIBCO

Creare applicazioni cloud-native, migrare le applicazioni da on-premise a cloud, integrare e analizzare i dati può essere complesso e costoso. Con AWS non hai bisogno di mantenere un’infrastruttura a elevate prestazioni e alta disponibilità. TIBCO, leader in integrazione, API management e analytics, offre le soluzioni e la competenza per aiutarti a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi di trasformazione digitale con AWS.

Better Together: TIBCO and AWS

In under 2 minutes, you will learn how TIBCO on AWS provides you with everything you need to support a modern data architecture.


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  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption
  • Real-Time, Data-Driven Insights
  • Modern Data Fabric Architecture
  • SAP Modernization
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Migrate Your TIBCO Workloads
Accelerate Cloud Adoption

We accelerate your cloud adoption by breaking down the silos that distributed cloud architectures and hybrid deployments often create. Our application and data integration solutions allow you to connect any application or data source, providing easy access for anyone in the organization, while preserving your past investments and minimizing disruption.

Real-Time, Data-Driven Insights

TIBCO drives fast insight by combining human analysis, data, automation, and machine learning on a single platform linked directly to your AWS data sources. We fully leverage the value of your disparate enterprise & cloud systems for a highly connected and cohesive business intelligence nerve center where you can spot and act on opportunities and risks faster and with more confidence.

Modern Data Fabric Architecture

We bring together every kind of data—meta, reference, master, transactional, and streaming—to support the design, deployment, use, and reuse of data across your entire ecosystem. Managing the diversity of data in a well-governed and consistent way empowers your teams with better data access, trust, and control.

SAP Modernization

TIBCO's approach to SAP modernization looks beyond initial S/4HANA migration to an architecture built for continuous change. We provide an agile layered solution to enable new technologies, data access methods, and development methodologies for building new systems and composable applications that leverage existing systems, maximize ROI, and reduce risk.

Intelligent Automation

Refocus your employees on higher-value work and ensure business continuity by digitizing human-centric activities. We help you embed human decisioning into key points within an automated process for applying ingenuity where needed. Prevent stalls in your workflow by automatically routing process failures, issues, and key decisions to the right person.

Migrate Your TIBCO Workloads

We've made significant investments to modernize our portfolio to be cloud-native with native support for Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda. Our proven methodology allows customers to leverage their existing TIBCO investment by moving deployments to AWS and taking full advantage of cloud benefits, with the quickest time to market and the lowest risk.