A nessuno piacciono i dispositivi edge privi di intelligenza. Noi possiamo aiutarti a renderli più intelligenti.

Raramente si presenta un’opportunità rivoluzionaria come il passaggio all’edge computing. Applicato correttamente, l’edge computing rappresenta un enorme vantaggio competitivo. Fortunatamente, non è troppo tardi per adottarlo. Come è successo per il web e per l’Internet of Things (IoT), i primi ad adottarlo avranno la possibilità di essere un passo avanti rispetto alla concorrenza.

  • Intelligent Equipment Accelerator: l'IoT per il monitoraggio delle apparecchiature


Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Intelligent Edge
  • Computer Vision and Video
  • Open Platform
  • IoT Accelerators
Intelligent Edge

IoT data often has the most value when processed at the edge. Decision-making is faster, and responses immediate. TIBCO enables application logic to be deployed close to or even on a device, ensuring data is accurately collected, transformed, and analyzed.

Computer Vision and Video Streaming

IoT is not just about devices. It includes rich computer vision features and real-time streaming video. Pushing this data to the cloud or data center can be inefficient, costly, and result in missed opportunities or threats. Leverage TIBCO along with industry-leading computer vision models to identify and respond in real-time to objects or events of interest.

Open Platform

Successful IoT implementations require industry-leading capabilities at both the edge and the cloud. With TIBCO Connected Intelligence, you’re covered. From edge deployments to integration, analytics, and data management, a complete end-to-end IoT pipeline makes you more efficient, smarter, and more capable. Use an open, single platform for all of your IoT needs.

IoT Accelerators

Use pre-built templates to accelerate creation of IoT-enabled solutions. Ingest IoT-sourced data, process corresponding real-time data streams, and provide the results to real-time or historical analytical applications. Our templates are a starting point for IT/business collaboration. Incorporate the examples into your own applications.