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Scegli l’implementazione Spotfire più adatta alle tue esigenze: on-premise, cloud o ibrida.

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Versioni di TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire Platform

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Enterprise

Spotfire for Amazon Web Services

Analytics Software as a Service

Immediate, anywhere access, and unlimited scalability without IT infrastructure and maintenance concerns.


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Spotfire on your Servers

When you want full control of performance, scaling, and security, this is it. Spotfire's node-based architecture, installed on your servers.

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Spotfire as a Private Service

A fully managed, dedicated instance of Spotfire on the cloud. Take full control over every aspect of your environment, but let it run in TIBCO's private cloud environment.

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Spotfire as a Turn-key AWS Instance

Preconfigured, scalable, and pay-by-the-hour; Spotfire can be added to any Amazon Web Services infrastructure right from the Marketplace.

Starts at $0.99 / hour

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Real Time Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams

TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams

Real-Time Analytics Software as a Service

Self-service, no-code, streaming BI platform designed for real-time data connectivity for data visualization and analysis. Everything you need is available on TIBCO Cloud™ — no installation, just ultra fast streaming data.

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Real-Time Analytics on your Servers

Bring Streaming data in Spotfire® analytics so you can analyze and visualize what's happening right now with real-time analytics. Get full control with software that runs on-prem, in private or public clouds, or as a hybrid deployment.

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