Scale Data Science across your Enterprise and Act in Real Time

Analyze real-time data and automate decisions: connect intelligence and action

Accelerate innovation and achieve a competitive advantage with data science and streaming analytics. Algorithms are only one piece of the advanced analytics puzzle. Being able to access, prepare, visualize, model, deploy, score, monitor, and retrain models within a fully auditable and governable framework is the end-to-end analytics lifecycle that is paramount to success. To outpace the competition, your organization needs to evaluate high-volume, streaming data directly within your business systems and at the edge.

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Semplifica, collabora e ottieni di più

Big data technologies are complex. Simplifying the end-to-end analytics lifecycle within big data ecosystems like Spark and Hadoop allows you to use data science techniques at scale. Collaborating across data science, line of business, and IT teams on big data and other advanced analytics projects increases efficiency and productivity for the entire organization.

Trova le anomalie e agisci subito

Analyzing high-volume streaming data at the edge and directly within business systems allows you to find anomalies, make decisions, and take action at point of impact. With ever-increasing volumes of data, being able to analyze, filter, summarize, and gain insight in real time reduces the need to move and store every bit of data collected.

Monitora, gestisci e rendi operativi dati affidabili

Molte aziende faticano a rendere operativi gli analytics. Quando i dati cambiano e i modelli diventano obsoleti, la possibilità di aggiornare, riaddestrare e implementare automaticamente nuovi modelli analitici nell’edge o direttamente nei sistemi aziendali ti permette di comprendere gli eventi e agire sulla base di risultati affidabili.

Customer: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Combina l’intelligence dei dati alle azioni

With full visibility into all data anywhere, your organization can make the best decisions based on real-time, actionable insights and intelligence with our advanced analytics. Improve business outcomes by infusing advanced analytics into the business and automating decisions. Learn more, refine, and build intelligence with a closed-loop solution featuring built-in, continuous feedback.

Accelera facilmente le analisi

Accelerators are reusable business application templates designed to solve specific business problems. From oil & gas drilling and connected vehicles to real-time inventory and risk management, our analytic accelerators solve your challenging problems. They include extensible and re-usable design patterns and reference architectures that are fully documented and freely available on the TIBCO Community.

Rispondi in modo rapido e corretto

Rispondi agli eventi in una frazione di secondo e assicurati che le persone giuste agiscano in modo giusto nel momento giusto per correggere rapidamente i problemi. Implementa i microservizi per attività di edge scoring e moderne applicazioni serverless con un footprint minimo basato su tecnologia open source.

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