Personne n'aime utiliser des edge devices limités. Nous vous aidons à les améliorer en les rendant plus intelligents.

Une opportunité aussi révolutionnaire que l'edge computing ne se présente pas tous les jours. Si vous l'implémentez correctement, l'edge computing vous permet d'acquérir un immense avantage concurrentiel. Adoptez le dès aujourd'hui. Tout comme les pionniers du Web, les pionniers de l'Internet des objets (IoT) se démarqueront de leurs concurrents grâce aux données qu'il leur sera possible d'exploiter.

  • Accélérateur IoT : l'Internet des objets pour la surveillance des équipements


Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Intelligent Edge
  • Computer Vision and Video
  • Open Platform
  • IoT Accelerators
Intelligent Edge

IoT data often has the most value when processed at the edge. Decision-making is faster, and responses immediate. TIBCO enables application logic to be deployed close to or even on a device, ensuring data is accurately collected, transformed, and analyzed.

Computer Vision and Video Streaming

IoT is not just about devices. It includes rich computer vision features and real-time streaming video. Pushing this data to the cloud or data center can be inefficient, costly, and result in missed opportunities or threats. Leverage TIBCO along with industry-leading computer vision models to identify and respond in real-time to objects or events of interest.

Open Platform

Successful IoT implementations require industry-leading capabilities at both the edge and the cloud. With TIBCO Connected Intelligence, you’re covered. From edge deployments to integration, analytics, and data management, a complete end-to-end IoT pipeline makes you more efficient, smarter, and more capable. Use an open, single platform for all of your IoT needs.

IoT Accelerators

Use pre-built templates to accelerate creation of IoT-enabled solutions. Ingest IoT-sourced data, process corresponding real-time data streams, and provide the results to real-time or historical analytical applications. Our templates are a starting point for IT/business collaboration. Incorporate the examples into your own applications.