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TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Less complexity and cost, faster access to holistic data views.

An enterprise data virtualization solution that curates access to multiple and varied data sources and creates a standard, federated view ― the data foundation for nearly any analytics solution.

TIBCO Spotfire®

L'analyse décisionnelle intuitive et évolutive orientée IA

Spotfire aide les utilisateurs à révéler le potentiel de leurs données grâce au data wrangling intégré, à ses riches fonctionnalités de visualisation, d’analyse prédictive et géospatiale. Que vous souhaitiez explorer vos données, créer de simples tableaux de bord ou développer de puissantes applications analytiques, Spotfire est facile à utiliser et personnaliser.

TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science

Collaborate, Scale, and Simplify Data Science

Accelerate ROI from your data science initiatives with a collaborative analytic workflow builder that lets you transform data into insight within Hadoop and other big data environments. Unlock your data’s hidden potential and increase the value of your big data infrastructure.

TIBCO® Statistica™

Accelerate innovation with data science

Smart businesses count on TIBCO Statistica™ to transform their ability to make analytically fueled decisions. Statistica helps you innovate and solve complex problems faster, empower more people, and infuse algorithms everywhere to ensure insights quickly turn into optimal outcomes.