Supercharge your analytics using TIBCO ComputeDB™

Supercharge your analytics using TIBCO ComputeDB™

Visual analytics adoption has been growing in importance as data-driven digital transformation is becoming the norm for all enterprises. As data volumes grow, the ability to run visual analytics on disparate datasets in near real-time has become an important priority for analytics teams, however it’s not always easy.

During this webinar Dirk Schober, will show you how to overcome the data silo problem without sacrificing performance or increasing complexity with TIBCO ComputeDB™ software. 

TIBCO ComputeDB™ software supports high throughput, low latency, high concurrency analytics workloads using an in-memory optimized analytics database based on Apache Spark and Apache Geode.

This webinar is part of our TIBCO Data Infrastructure Series. In this three-part webinar series, find out how best-in-class software products can help you address your data challenges. Learn more.

Supercharge your analytics using TIBCO ComputeDB


Dirk Schober

Senior Solutions Consultant
TIBCO Software

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