Five ways to speed up data analysis

Now that you have a solid grip on data analysis, it’s time to up-level your game and accelerate your analyses with TIBCO Spotfire®. Here are five surefire ways to speed up your data analysis.

1. Clean and manipulate unruly data

Many data sets require a bit of clean-up but until the analysis begins, it's not always obvious which fixes are needed. That's why manipulating data on the fly is just as important as preparing it upfront. Check out how Spotfire's visual analysis quickly reveals imperfections and lets you clean that unruly data before or at any time during the analysis process.

2. Recommended visualizations in one click

Often business professionals have a data visualization in mind but don't yet know how to create that view. Why can't you get to the graphs immediately and fine tune settings later? By presenting the user with fully formed visualization options from which to choose, Spotfire Recommendations does exactly this, taking you straight from "I'll know it when I see it" to best practice visual insights and decision-making.

3. Free-form exploration for faster, deeper insights

Just like in a conversation, in data analysis one question leads to another. What's more, an early aha! might change all subsequent questions and lead you along a different path to important and unexpected discoveries. Data exploration should be intuitive so that your train of thought is uninterrupted, and you can look at data from various angles to deeply understand your findings. Take a look at how Spotfire supports your curiosity and workflow.

4. Beyond Basic Map Visualizations

Location data can offer a wealth of insight that is easy to understand and display. Most analytic tools offer limited map visualizations with a single layer view that can address a small range of questions. Thats why Spotfire offers multi-layer maps to help you gain a much deeper understanding of geo-based data to see your customers, products or services in a new way. 

5. Supercharge your R scripts and deploy them to production grade visual applications

R is the world's most popular statistical language but its open source engine has big challenges and restrictions. Using R, statisticians can flexibly prototype their models, drawing from thousands of computational packages. But at production time, raw R scripts are difficult to package into business applications. Further, since the R engine's performance degrades quickly as data volume grows, a wasteful and error prone rewrite could be required. See how TIBCO's Enterprise Runtime for R, used independently or built right into Spotfire, provides a 10x speedup of existing R scripts, and how these scripts can now be packaged to directly support high performance production or exploratory visualization apps, deployed on premises or in the cloud.

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