On-Demand: Intermediate Topics: Inline TERR and Data Functions

Do seasons affect my business? In this webinar, we’ll answer real data science questions like this using Spotfire and TERR to make smarter decisions. For our next topic, we are going to introduce TERR, the enterprise version of R. This will enable us to create data functions and in this scenario we will be looking at smoothing, a technique for understanding trends.

This is the third step in our five-part webinar series called the Building Blocks of Data Science. In this series, we will explore solving real data science questions using Spotfire and TERR. We’ll walk you through the concepts and then do a live example using the technique.

Join Jason May, a Junior Data Scientist at Ruths.ai, who will show you how to write inline TERR and lay the foundations for you to create your own data functions.

In this webinar, Jason will present:

  • Introduction to smoothing and data volatility
  • A live demo addressing a problem using smoothing
  • An overview of inline TERR and data functions

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