On Demand: Getting Started with Data Science in Spotfire

What is the value of a star on Yelp? In this webinar, we’ll answer real data science questions like this using Spotfire and TERR to make smarter decisions. For the cornerstone of our series on data science in Spotfire, we are going to begin with linear regression and how to use it.

This is the first step in our five-part webinar series called the Building Blocks of Data Science. In this series, we will explore solving real data science questions using Spotfire and TERR. We’ll walk you through the concepts and then do a live example using the technique.

Join Lucas Wood, Analytics Lead at Ruths.ai, who will show you how to easily identify variables and establish linear relationships in your data.

In this webinar, Lucas will present:

  • Introduction to linear regressions
  • A live demo solving a basic data science application
  • Tools to create linear relationships inside Spotfire.

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