On Demand - Advanced Topics: Classification with Spotfire

How can I predict my customer base? In this webinar, we’ll answer real data science questions like this using Spotfire and TERR to make smarter decisions. For our next webinar, we'll be managing a hotel's marketing group, using classification methods inside of Spotfire. We'll learning the basics of the technique and then looking at examples of implementation in TERR.

This is the fourth step in our five-part webinar series called the Building Blocks of Data Science. In this series, we will explore solving real data science questions using Spotfire and TERR. We’ll walk you through the concepts and then do a live example using the technique.

Join Emanuel Vela, a Data Scientist at Ruths.ai, who will show you how to setup classification for your own projects using TERR.

In this webinar, Emanuel will present:

  • Introduction to the types of classification methods
  • A live demo addressing a problem using classification
  • An overview of data functions and the TIBCO Enterprise Runtime Engine for R (TERR)