[TIBCO WEBINAR] Stay relevant in a digital marketplace


Retailers that don't meet customer expectations are going to lose out


With access to price comparison websites, product information and user reviews, the power has shifted to consumers - who can make more informed decisions, and share their opinions and complaints on social media.Retailers must add value to the customer experience or risk losing that shopper to a competitor - either online or offline.


For 10 years we have transformed retailer’s digital strategy through effective and innovative use of API’s. Register for this webinar where we share our customers experience about:


  • How to leverage digital technology - Digital strategy is more than simply building an app or having an ecommerce site. The impact of digitalisation means that all retailers will need to be ready to evolve. Well managed APIs are key to capitalizing on new digital technologies.
  • Optimizing the customer journey - Customer expect a seamless customer experience across various points of interaction,channels,customer demographics and purchasing process. Ensuring consistency across channels can be made easier and more cost effective with APIs.
  • Connecting with the customer - Unprecedented volumes of consumer data is being created through social media, tracking URLs, websites and point of sales. The most successful retailers are exploiting the data in order to deliver targeted and personalised marketing that will resonate with customers.

Join us for this webinar to learn more. All attendees shall receive a copy of Retail Whitepaper with key customer success stories.


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