TIBCO Virtual Innovation Day Belgium


Should you have missed TIBCO NOW 2020 at the end of September, and hearing the great announcements by our executives of our data analytics and data management solutions, here is an opportunity for you to get a fresh update!

TIBCO Software Belgium is pleased to invite you to attend TIBCO Virtual Innovation Day Belgium, Thursday, November 19th, to learn more about TIBCO NOW 2020 highlights such as:

  • TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics: TIBCO's novel approach to convergent visual solutions for analytics, data science, and streaming across data and analytics-specific roles. It’s a seamless experience that delivers immersive, smart, and real-time business insights in an easy to use and tailored way.
  • Launch of TIBCO Spotfire® 11: Advanced visual analysis, data science, and streaming analytics capabilities in a unified environment to reduce the time required to create custom analyses and provide visual insight into both historical and real-time data to drive business decisions.
  • TIBCO Any Data Hub: Data management blueprint that embraces distributed data environments. It strips away duplicated efforts across data, teams, and technologies and, given its flexibility, provides the accurate and relevant data needed to understand and govern the business.
  • Releases of TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.3: A central part of the TIBCO Any Data Hub strategy that offers enhancements that enable you to break down data silos and present a unified view of data. 

TIBCO Belgium representatives and experts will be here to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Registration Closed

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