TIBCO Success Series

Moving to the Next Generation of TIBCO Integration


Customers have been telling us they would like the opportunity to connect with other companies and learn from their experiences, especially those using the latest versions of TIBCO products. 

As a result, we are pleased to announce a new TIBCO Success Series, a quarterly, invitation-only, in-person and virtual networking session and meetup where we will focus on a topic of interest to technology leaders and hear a local customer talk through their journey and lessons learned. 

In this first session, Metcash will share its journey to a hybrid cloud solution using TIBCO’s latest Connect solutions to simplify and modernize application integration. Using modern capabilities of cloud, microservices, and containers, Metcash has been able to bring on new customers and suppliers faster and is offering more services with less downtime and overhead.

Who Should Attend: TIBCO customers and partners interested in the benefits and practicalities of using the latest versions of TIBCO Integration. This session is especially relevant to organisations still on older versions of TIBCO’s integration or messaging products, such as TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 5, and who are considering or starting their move to a more modern stack such as TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 6 / TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition / TIBCO Cloud™ Integration software.


The first 50 attendees will get $20 uber eat vouchers.


Registration Closed

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