TIBCO Partner Breakfast Series: Data Virtualization

TIBCO Software - Pº Castellana 216, 7º PL. Ed. Puerta Europa. Torre Este


More and more companies need to get value from their data and more and more data are gathered from many sources internal and external. Also more and more users need to look at data in different ways requesting to IT to be more agile in providing 'their' views.
Virtualization addresses the growing and sophisticated data needs of companies with maturing analytic ecosystems. Enable data consistency and reuse, and serve a diverse community of analytic users. 
Like what happened 20 years ago with Enterprise Application Integration it is nowadays happening on data with this decoupling layer between Business Dashboards and Data Sources.
We as TIBCO are seeing a lot of interest in the market about this topic and about TIBCO Data Virtualization Solution (ex Cisco Information Server) and this is the reason why we have decided to give priority to this topic to make our Partners aware about this new business opportunity. Be ready for next Innovative Disruptive Data Technology attending the 22nd Nov Partner Breakfast in TIBCO office Madrid.

9.00-9.30 Registration of participants

9.30-9.40 Introduction

  • TIBCO in Spain
  • The new Partner Program
  • Connected intelligence

9.40-9.50 The context in Data Virtualization

  • What is Data Virtualization
  • Why Data Virtualization
  • Benefits for the business

9.50-10.30 TIBCO Data Virtualization

  • Differentiators: why Data Virtualization is better
  • Typical use cases where to propose Data Virtualization
  • Solution
  • Success stories
  • Competitors
  • Licensing
  • Questions to qualify

10.30-10.50 Demonstration / Questions and answers

10.50-11.00 Break

11.00-11.15 Spotfire X ad: Fantastic News !!

Registration Closed

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