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Innovation is at the heart of the world’s most successful business reinvention and digital transformation. Historically, innovation has propelled massive gains in productivity while significantly changing how humans live, work, contribute to society, and gain insights into the unknown. Today’s story of innovation is one of amplification of impact, speed of progress, and sustainable success by those who exhibit the strongest vision, leadership, and company-wide determination. Join us to learn how TIBCO is helping businesses innovate faster, and with better results, than ever before.

Featured Speaker  :

Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software Inc.


8.00am - Registration

8.30am - Welcome

8.40am - Innovating at the Edge

What is innovation, and how can businesses find a sustainable advantage through the process of innovation, leveraging technology to help make better decisions and foster consistently positive business outcomes? In this session, we will cover insights gleaned from TIBCO’s own primary research across hundreds of businesses into how they are prioritising and leveraging innovation.

9.15am- Interconnecting Everything

Data and systems of record make up the DNA of a digital business. Businesses must innovate intelligently and own their digital destiny. The ability to connect, integrate, transform, share, and expose access to data so workflows can be streamlined and analysis can occur, is what enables digital transformation to take place. This session will cover the latest updates in TIBCO’s integration, messaging, process automation, and app development technologies, and how customers are connecting their data and apps to deliver business results.

10.00am - Morning Tea break

10.30am - Augmenting Intelligence

With an increasing volume of data being generated every day, businesses need analytics capabilities that range from a visual way to understand and consume data, to the ability to understand and act in real time with streaming analytics, to embedding the power of analytics within applications. In this session, we will learn how TIBCO enables businesses to apply data and analytics to every opportunity in the enterprise to make smarter decisions, with a preview of the amazing analytics technology that will be available soon.

11.00am - Demo : Spotfire X

11.30am - TIBCO LABS: Innovating Together

As innovation cycles move faster, we are engaging our customers earlier on in the process of technology creation. TIBCO LABS, a new collaborative program run by the Office of the CTO, gives our customers and partners an active voice in developing the future of Connected Intelligence. TIBCO LABS facilitates the development of solutions for today’s challenging problems, showcases new capabilities, and offers an early view into emerging technologies including blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

12.00pm Concludes

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