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We see innovation patterns among our customers’ successes — patterns that match explicit business goals with the technological capabilities that TIBCO provides in its leading platform for digital business. The TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud delivers critical capabilities for innovation—connect & assemble; learn & adapt; sense & respond—the basis for nearly every major innovation reshaping the world’s economy. 

The TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud is comprised of two domains:

  • Interconnect Everything products and services that connect any data, system, device, and technology, such as event-driven architecture, serverless, and edge computing, for leveraging applications, processes, and APIs to drive innovation.
  • Augment Intelligence products and services supplying a set of analytics capabilities ranging from visualizations and app-embedded business intelligence to real-time, actionable, predictive streaming analytics for empowering everyone in your organizations to make smarter decisions.

At our recent TIBCO NOW industry event, a lot of great new products and services were presented. TIBCO Innovation Day brings these new presentations to you. Attend to learn about the latest technologies to fuel your business transformation. 


  • 9:00 Introductions
  • 9:15–10:45 Interconnect Everything 
  • Hybrid Integration Platform 
    • TIBCO Cloud Integration: Cloud-based integration for businesses of any size and users of any skill level 
    • TIBCO Cloud Mashery® and TIBCO Mashery® Local: Full lifecycle API management that is also available in user’s own data center as containerized microservices 
    • Project Flogo® Rules (Real-time contextual decision-making for edge) & Edge Streams (Lightweight stream processing for the edge)
  • TIBCO® Data Virtualization: Massively distributed queries for high-performance big data access at scale
  • TIBCO Cloud Events: Event processing and real-time decisioning tailored for the cloud
  • TIBCO Cloud Live Apps: Addition of a Live Apps assistant, featuring an automated chat-style interface
  • TIBCO Cloud Nimbus®: Collaborative business process mapping on the TIBCO Cloud
  • Blockchain 
    •  TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe (beta): Immutable cloud-based audit ledger backed by TIBCO® Blocklayer (beta), TIBCO’s blockchain network
  • 10:45–11:00 Break
  • 11:00–12:00 Augment Intelligence 
    • TIBCO Spotfire® X: Analytics, Accelerated with an all new AI-driven experience and native, real-time visual analytics delivered in an new user interface 
    • TIBCO® Data Science: Single, unified platform for creating and operationalizing data science 
  • 12:00–1:00 Lunch 
    • TIBCO LABS Announcements
    •  Demos: TIBCO Cloud Integration, Spotfire X, TIBCO Data Science 
  • 1:00 Wrap-up

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