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With data the new competitive battleground, businesses that take advantage of their data will be the leaders; those that do not will fall behind. But gaining this advantage is a more difficult technical challenge than ever.

Do you know how you can integrate data reliably at a fraction of physical warehousing and ETL time and rapidly adapt to changes?

Join us in Zurich and learn more on how you can use Data Virtualization for competitive advantage.

We will welcome you at 12.30 with registration and coffee. The event starts at 13.00, with an agenda packed with great content and speakers.


How to Master Challenges to Provide Business Users with Holistic and Real-time Data

Organizations face challenges as IT becomes more complex, new data sources emerge, and agility increases in importance. Learn how to keep up with requirements and manage increasing IT complexity.

Data Integration & Governance

Learn how to shift data governance into the virtual data layer to orchestrate access to multiple and varied data sources and deliver datasets and IT-curated data services for nearly any analytics solution.

GDPR with TIBCO Data Virtualization

Learn how TIBCO can help solve your GDPR challenges. TIBCO® Data Virtualization solutions can be used in your existing infrastructure to help implement tasks relevant to GDPR.

Leverage Your Data in Real-time Environments

Data acquisition and preparation is the preamble for real-time applications—and creating a streaming process is bread-and-butter business when clean data sources are at hand. TIBCO Data Virtualization can publish data services as SQL tables and REST and web services APIs. In this example, we use data services to stream data in an event processing environment.

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