Watch this four-part webinar series to hear about the human side of data analytics at clients ranging from small to large companies. We will cover some very interesting and challenging business scenarios that TIBCO Spotfire® analytics was able to address very easily and effectively.

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It’s an exciting moment when you see your data in a visualized graphic for the first time! In this webinar, we’ll talk about how data exploration for a small company led them to a surprising conclusion about one of their business units.

This is the first step in our four-part webinar series called Everyday Analytics. In this series, we

Bringing impactful analytics into a company comes with challenges. How do you deploy it? How do you know when it's working? We’ve looked at some of the most successful analytics deployments and put together a list of how you can know your company is smarter and faster using TIBCO Spotfire® analytics.

This is the second in our four-part webinar

There are numerous ways to extend TIBCO Spotfire®—and in this webinar, we examine the thinking and choices of Spotfire developers: What’s possible? Is there anything Spotfire can’t do? We’ll showcase examples of developers using Spotfire in unique ways that go beyond everyday analytics.

This is the third of the four-part Everyday Analytics webinar series, in which we share