Understand data visualization

With TIBCO Spotfire and Decideo

Series of 5 videos

What are the most relevant forms of graphic representation to best visualize your data? How to use maps to interact with your data ? How to best use the time axis? How to collaborate around your data?

Join our series of 5 short videos presented by TIBCO and Decideo to understand what the best practices are in terms of graphic visualizations so as to make the most of it and add value to your data.

Each video consists of a short presentation by Philippe Nieuwbourg, BI Analyst and founder of the Decideo community, followed by a demo in TIBCO Spotfire by one of our experts.

On-Demand Webinars

Piecharts are some of the best-known graphic representations for distribution. However this type of graphic representation is not always the best choice. TIBCO and Decideo will explain why in this video.

Discover the great powers of the scatter plot, a great tool for graphic representation, which allows you to visually discover what is hiding behind your data.

Maps are a very powerful tool for searching information. They are more than a simple static representation, they allow dynamic navigation and interaction with the data. Discover the good uses of cartography in this video.

Data gets transformed into information only from the moment it is shared. Sharing data, commenting on them, even creating a conversation around them allow users to make the right decisions. Discover how to collaborate around data in this video.