Smart Manufacturers use TIBCO for Manufacturing

Learn how TIBCO Spotfire and Data Science can give you the opportunity to deep dive into your overall manufacturing performance to gain powerful insights. Solutions Architect, Tim Crocker, and Chief Data Scientist, Anni Russell demonstrate the capabilities and implementation of TIBCO analytical software to gain deeper insight into manufacturing performance including solutions for Quality Control and Process Optimization.

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Manufacturing process performance metrics such as Process Capability (Cp), Process Capability Index (Cpk),  and the process control data upon which they are based, are an often underutilized source of insight. The statistical workbenches and platforms that statisticians, engineers, and data scientists use to calculate performance metrics produce a vast amount of valuable data. Combining the data science output with data

Manufacturing intelligence in the age of Industry 4.0 requires expanding analytic capabilities that are critical to digitizing the business, optimizing costs and accelerating innovation. In a Smart Factory, all relevant data is connected, aggregated, analyzed, and acted on proactively. Sensors, devices, equipment, people, and processes are part of a connected ecosystem. This manufacturing intelligence gives decision-makers a competitive edge by