Open Source Community Day #OSSDay

As open-source technologies continue to gain traction in today’s world, the core value propositions of openness and transparency still hold true. Corporations around the world have discovered how to effectively monetize their investments in open source technologies and address some of their toughest scalability, reliability, and technical requirements. It is clear that the adoption of open source technologies will continue to rapidly grow in the upcoming years, so join us to learn more about the latest trends in various open source projects.

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Measuring the success of open source projects can be a challenge.  What metrics should be used? What does success look like for an open-source project? How do these metrics change over time as open source projects mature?

We will kick off the day by discussing considerations for measuring innovation and open source success. GitHub "stars" may not be the only

In research, machine learning (ML) is data science. In production, it’s software, which needs to be managed just like every other component in the software development lifecycle.

Managing functions created by data is very different from managing those created by human hands. ML code must be versioned and coordinated with other versions of a solution—and version changes have side

From allocating health infrastructure during pandemics to driving precision agriculture during climate change, spatial and spatio-temporal data science offers rich solutions. 

ESRI platform offers open data and geospatial data science tools for gaining deep understanding from big data. Fueled by the ever-growing cloud geospatial data infrastructure, ESRI’s open source integration enables data-driven solutions to complex multidisciplinary problems. 

This talk summarizes

Even as blockchain technology continues to make its way into the mainstream, developing blockchain solutions with today’s technology still presents many challenges. Join us to discuss the power of Project Dovetail™ software by the TIBCO LABS™ group, which uses a graphical, no-code, model-driven approach to blockchain smart contracts.

Learn some best practices and lessons for making your smart contracts smarter—and

This session demonstrates Google's commitment to an open cloud, how developers can run their code serverlessly in the TIBCO cloud, and the efforts we've made to make those platforms more open than ever. The first half of this session focuses on why Google cares about openness and our relationship with the open source community. The second half introduces various ways

Augmented reality (AR/XR), including voice control and automatic hands-free access, offers amazing new ways to enhance the customer experience for increased productivity. And for holograms to 3D visualization, AR applications provide new ways to access volumes of data. Learn how the Project ART solution makes development of AR/XR applications easier, and user experiences richer, with more possibilities for interactivity and

As Open Source continues to fuel the future of technology, diversity and inclusion within the open source community has never been more important. Women are underrepresented in tech, and while this is nothing new, it is critical to address this disparity. Recognizing the multiple contributions that women are making will inspire new generations to join the community. Diversity brings the

This session showcases Azure Arc by focusing on Kubernetes fleet management, GitOps, and monitoring different Kubernetes flavors using Azure Monitor for Containers. We will discuss the whys and the hows of Azure Arc and how it fits in the bizarre world of multi-cloud workloads.

Presenter: Lior Kamrate, Sr. OSS Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft

In a connected world, information on how data relates to other data can provide new and powerful insight. A quintillion bytes of data are created each day. A fast, flexible way to build, extract, and analyze these data relationships provides new information and deep awareness. Project GraphBuilder offers an easy and powerful way to load data, in batch and real

Streaming is a huge part of building modern software. The industry is littered with tips, tools, frameworks, and engines directed at helping developers solve steaming problems, but when push comes to shove, there is no silver bullet. 

Streaming problems require a variety of tools working together to deliver high-quality solutions. Cloudflow is an open-source project from Lightbend designed to make

Join the wrap-up session with all the event speakers and panelists (AWS, Bisalu, ESRI, Google, Juniper Networks, Lightbend, Microsoft, Mode Analytics, Redis Labs, Shule, TIBCO Software, and Women Who Code) as they answer questions on topics related to open source technologies and trends and hear closing comments, thoughts, and insights.